At Heritage Embroidery we provide the highest quality embroidery in the Twin Cities area and beyond.  Our art department will digitize your logo stitch by stitch to create a custom embroidery design that you, your company, or team can use time and time again.  We provide a sample sew out of your design before ever stitching it onto your garment to ensure your satisfaction.  We can set up different types of designs from small crest size to large full front or full back.  Once your design is digitized it is sewn onto your garment using our state of the art embroidery machines.

We also make personalization as personal as ever by allowing you to pick font, size, location and thread color.  The personalization is then digitized and sewn onto a wide variety of products available through us or you can supply your own!


Classic twill is a technique that will never go out of style. It creates bold clothing that exemplifies your spirit, and looks great. With our SEIT© laser technology we are able to make the cleanest, and intricate twill designs in the area, and of course Heritage Embroidery offers the fullest amount of customization to make sure you get exactly what you have in mind for your organization or personal clothing.


Laser cutting eliminates a layer of material to create an engraved or burned look into the fabric or twill.  Great for creating that subtle yet very unique and stylish impression.  This technology also enables us create exacting details not available in traditional embroidery.

Etching is a subtle way of burning a design into fabric. Usually done in fleece, etching is an inexpensive way to add interest to fleece blankets, jackets, vests and other garments made of thicker fabric.


Be kind to the environment and your skin with direct to garment printing. Direct to garment printing is a water-based printing process that works much like an ink jet printer. We print on the garment then heat press it to set the ink into the shirt. Color choices are limitless, you can even print photographs! This special ink leaves the garment softer than traditional screen printing .  Direct to garment printing works best on 100% cotton items.  Come in to the store to feel the difference of direct to garment printing.


There is no better way to accent a letter jacket or hoodie than with chenille patches. Heritage offers a variety of pre-made patches to choose from, and we will sew them directly on the garment of your choice. Can't find the right chenille patch? We offer full customization to help you find the right fit for your organization. We start by digitally drafting your custom patch, and then sewing it out so it can be approved by you. Don't waste your time with outdated generic patches, come in today and see the just how awesome custom chenille patches can look.


Heritage offers full customization for your letter jackets. Show off your school pride and accomplishments exactly the way you want it. Already have a letter jacket? Bring it in and we can add patches, personalization, and pins. We have a wide variety of color and material options in stock so you can receive exactly what you want, and see the jacket at the time of purchase.

Is your school or business' logo just not the right fit for your team or event? or maybe it would be better to add a little flare. Heritage Embroidery has a talented staff of graphic artists that will work with you to achieve the desired look and feel of your custom apparel. There is no project too large or too small for our staff, and you will receive speedy, professional service. Let us know what we can do for you.

Tired of the hassle that is usually involved in large team or organization clothing? Heritage Embroidery has a solution for you! We offer fully customizable web stores for everyone, whether its a football team, or a large corporation in need of an easy way for everyone to be correctly outfitted, we can find the solution for you. All of our web stores are fully secured for payment with any major credit card, or pay pal account, so no more collecting checks or filling out order forms. We truly make it easy for everyone to get exactly what they want at any time. Click the button below to view some of the teams and business' that have taken advantage of our webstores.